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IUP Equestrian Team

The Equestrian Team is a club sport at IUP.  The hunt seat team is riding at Equine Country Club in Avonmore, PA.  The western team rides at Skybar Farm near Kittanning, PA.  Both teams compete within the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

Who Can Join?

Any full time IUP student is eligible to join the team.  You do not have to be an experienced rider, or have even been on a horse before!  When you join, you will be placed in a level based on your riding skills.  If you decide to show, you will compete against other riders in your level of your same capabilities.  You do not have to show to be a member of the team.  The IUPET depends on both showing and non-showing members to be a functioning organization.

Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

The IHSA was established in 1967.  Today, more than 300 colleges in 45 states and Canada, representing more than 6,500 riders compete under the IHSA name in Hunt Seat and Western Horsemanship.  The IUPET competes in Zone 6 Region 5 of the IHSA.  For more information, please visit www.ihsainc.com.


EVERYONE needs to get their forms back in ASAP. You are NOT allowed to start riding until your forms are in.  If you are even thinking about showing, you need to get your IHSA form completed (old or new).  Go to www.ihsainc.com and fill out a member form (or go to your old one with your user name and password), print it out, and bring it to the next meeting.  

IHSA dues

$40 English membership (includes USHJA membership)

$30 Western membership

$55 Combined membership 


**Every member is responsible for a semesterly due of $25  


Lessons are taken throughout the spring and fall semsters for both teams.  The english team rides at the Equine Country Club under Elizabeth McCormick and the western team rides at Skybar Farm under Kara Hollabaugh.  Please contact Kym Blain (k.a.blain@iup.edu) on inquiries on the english team and Jenna Vannatta (j.m.vannatta@iup.edu) about the western team. 

English Team

$300/8 (1 lesson per week) for nonshowing members

$400/12 (1 lesson per week plus an extra lesson the week of a show) for showing members

Western team

$175/9 (1 lesson per week) for non-showing members

$250/18 (2 lessons per week) for showing members